Day 1. My DNA. My brother gave me a gift of an Ancestry DNA test kit. What fun!!! My ancestors were fur traders, wealthy landowners, and tenant farmers. And I’m a designer? My dog is looking at me a little weird right now. She does have awesome fur.

My DNA Day 1 Ancestors From France

Day 2. My DNA. Ok, so I’m now starting to understand how my ancestors ended up in the US. Fur trading doesn’t interest me. My dog is happy about that. She loves her red ball. I love doing high-quality creative and design.

My DNA Day 2 Fur & Maria

Day 3. My DNA. I now see how my family made it to Massachusetts. I love my parent’s heritage and how it’s influenced my life. I understand how I’ve become a designer (sitting in my dad’s office eating Junior mints by the box). I know why my dog loves playing ball. I’ll have to get her a Cubs hat.

My DNA Day 3 Mom & Dad

Day 4. My DNA. So it’s fact. Being a designer is in my DNA. Although I still wonder if my Dad gave me his name with Junior after his based on the number of Junior Mints I used to eat. Today, I continue to push the boundaries of digital branding and marketing, exploring new ways to present dynamic content. Thanks to Mom and Dad I love what I do and I continue to pursue what’s next with a passion that borders on the fanatical.

My DNA Day 4 Second Generation Designer

Drop by any time to see what we’re up to. Tomlinson LLC is headquartered in the grand old seafaring city of Newburyport, Massachusetts, now home to a number of vibrant 21st century initiatives. We’ll be more than happy to offer you a box of Junior Mint. Sources: https://www.ancestry.com/dna/

Bill-Large-Image-1169-x-700 For over 20 years, Bill has run a very successful creative branding firm. He’s served as Creative Director for his own firm and Design Director for major agencies and corporations, such as Hill Holliday and Polaroid. He brings a wealth of experience, maturity and vision to companies looking for strategic creative solutions and a unique approach to branding. Bill’s forté is orchestrating high-impact branding, marketing and advertising programs – both online and offline – to support marketing goals and drive revenue. He expertly identifies customer connections and develops communication strategies based on feedback and research. Bill leads the Tomlinson team of designers, writers and developers with a singular focus on delivering results.